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Graphic Design Courses in Durban

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In order to secure your place for a particular course, a completed application form and either the full deposit of R12 800/R8 800 or a Registration Fee of R4000.00 for the 1 Year D.C.D, R2000.00 for all other courses required upon registration. The rest of the deposit is fully payable before the first day of the course.

Modular/Customised courses to be paid in full before the commencement of the class. (Please chat to us should you wish to arrange alternate payment plan)


1 Year Digital Communication Design
A minimum deposit of R 16 800 incl
8 x instalments of R 6 950.00

DTP & WEB course
A minimum deposit of R 12 800.00 incl
4 x instalments of R 5 550.00

DTP or WEB course
A minimum deposit of R 8 800.00 incl
2 x instalments of R 4 950.00

Final instalments are strictly due and payable 7 days before the final examination

Modular or customised individual / Class – No deposit

Accepted payment methods are Cash, Credit Card, Cheques, or Direct deposits.