Graphic Design Courses in Durban



Under no circumstances may any computers, equipment, training material or software from the Training Centre be removed from the premises or taken home by students.


An Attendance Register will be kept for each class. You are required to attend 97% of lectures to qualify to sit for examinations. No exceptions will be made unless by prior arrangement or valid, unavoidable circumstances. It is your responsibility to contact us & let us know if you cannot attend your lecture for whatever reason. The validity of these reasons will be considered at Keyline’s discretion. Please note that if, for whatever reason, you miss classes and need to catch up on any material, the trainers may not assist you with this during class as it would be unfair to the rest of the students and would slow their progress. It is up to the student to source material missed out on from classmates. Extra lessons on lessons missed out on are available at a rate of R200 per hour. Classes start promptly at 08h30 and end at 12h30 respectively. No student may leave early unless specific permission is given by the Training Co-ordinator.

Keyline reserves the right to archive and display student work.

Students must ensure that all coursework & assignments is handed in on time. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they sign for their assignment submission, if the student fails to do so, the student will be penalised for not handing in their assignment. Late submissions will also be penalised.

The minimum pass mark is 60% for each module. If a student does not meet this requirement, the student may be required to rewrite an examination at a fee of R500.00 and/or resubmit coursework. Failing the rewrite will require the student to resit for the course, unless at Keyline’s further discretion.


Neither Keyline, nor any of its employees or representative will, in any way, be held responsible for the loss of student work for any reason whatsoever. As it is an essential factor in digital publishing, all students are responsible for backing up their own work. A 8Gb memory stick flash disk is required for this purpose. Students must understand and accept the fact that, when working with this technology, there are no guarantees that equipment and software will always function at its optimum.

“Gremlins” and “glitches” go hand in hand with the digital environment and, frustrating though it may be, there is always a risk – albeit slight – that a computer will “crash” at the most inopportune moments causing loss of work or corrupting documents for no apparent reason. Please get the lecturer to back up your work to your flash drive, which you can then copy off onto your home computer.

Students will be held personally responsible and liable for damage or abuse to Keyline equipment/property. • Street parking for students is available on Florida Road or 8th Avenue.


Tea and coffee are offered free of charge in the recreation area. Tea breaks are 15 minutes: please adhere to this and return to your classroom on time. STRICTLY NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE CLASSROOMS! Smoking is permitted outdoors or in the recreation area only.


No cellphones will be permitted in the classroom. Please switch them off during lessons. Students will not be called out of class for phone calls or visitors, unless by prior arrangement. Messages will be taken.


Students are expected to keep their workstations clean and tidy as classes follow closely on one another. • Keyline does not accept liability for loss, injury, or damage caused by events beyond our control.

Complaints And Resolution

Keyline aims to provide a high level of service. Any complaints should be reported immediately to the Training Coordinator who will try to resolve the problem at the time. Keyline cannot accept responsibility for complaints not reported during the course.


Full colour certificates will be printed and date of collection co-ordinated upon request. Students need to send an email stating date of collection, which needs to be not less than 3 days of the email. Certificates are only stored for 3 months.

Remember that our stated objective is to turn out knowledgeable, well-trained graduates who are proficient in the software applications and have insight into the industry. Courses are intensive and require that students focus and concentrate on each aspect as it is presented. Should you have any questions, or not understand anything, the lecturer will be glad to assist you, but it is up to you to ASK YOUR TRAINER, or schedule extra assistance with one of the training co-ordinators.


Cancellations may be accepted by Keyline if a written request is received no less than three weeks prior to commencement of the course, failing which the full fee will become due and payable. An admin fee of 10% will be deducted for cancellations. Further, after commencement of the course, no refunds will be made and students are liable for the full course fees.

Outstanding Fees

Students will not be permitted to sit the final examination and no Certificates will be issued until course fees have been settled in full. Should student fees be payable by employers, an original order on company stationery must be submitted along with this form – completed and signed – upon registration.

Media Files Policy

The use of the internet facilities, the computer provided for the learner as well as storage space allocated on the server is to facilitate and enhance the learner experience. Under no circumstances may these be used to download, copy or store on training computers copyright or non-copyright entertainment movies, tv series, music or any files not related to the course material, content or assignment resources.