Working with Select & Mask

04.GDE Photoshop Transcripts, Graphic Design Courses

smGDE Photoshop Transcripts, Graphic Design Courses

• Once a selection has been made, we can ‘SELECT AND MASK’ from the Control Bar.

• This allows us to customise and fine-tune the layer mask before it is created

• From here, we have view options that are tailored to different images

• The ‘Select and Mask’ dialog box also allows us to Smooth the selection, Add a Feather, Apply Contrast, as well as Shift Edge to expand or contract the selection.

refine mask, Graphic Design Courses

• In ‘Select and Mask’ we still have the ability to use a few of the selection tools on the left hand side.

• When working with a subject with hair, we can select Subject and go back to ‘Select and Mask’.

• Changing the view mode to “On Layers” allows us to see if any residual background has been left behind.

• ‘Select and Mask’ gives us access to the “Refine Edge Brush Tool”. This tool was created for hair and fur. It analyses what is hair and what is part of the background and removes the background. This makes working with hair A LOT easier.

NOTE: Once the setting and selection have been fine-tuned, we need to choose what to do with the selection via ‘Output Settings’ on the bottom right hand side. This gives us the option to export as a Selection, Layer Mask or New layer with Layer Mask. To work “Non-destructively” and simply hide the unselected pixels, at the bottom of the panel – chose ‘Output To – Layer Mask’.


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