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The impact of video in digital marketing.

In the duplex where I live, the back yard is not very big. Well not big enough anyway to think of building a permanent pool without pretty much saying goodbye to any other play space for my 4 year old daughter. With another beautiful but sticky hot Durban summer bearing down on us, I popped down to my local superstore to look for something portable we could douse ourselves in while trying to stay cool at home. An hour later I returned with a 1.8 metre frame swimming pool, boxed up to be unpacked and assembled. To my dismay the deceptively slim box had around 50 pieces of corners, pipes and joiners that had to be connected in order for the vinyl pool to be stretched in a stable position. I picked up the assembly manual, which had lots of tiny diagrams with even smaller text, not a very attractive pastime for a hot summer day! I noticed a link to the company website and on browsing noticed there was an assembly instruction video online for the very same pool I had purchased. I propped the iPad up on the patio table, pausing the video along the way and a job which felt like it could have taken me till next summer to complete was done in an hour. Looking at the box lying next to the assembled pool which was now filling with cool water to ready for the first family dip, I thought to myself: what a jacked up company, these guys know what they are doing. There-in lies a very simple yet powerful example of how video can build a brand.

Human beings, by situational circumstance, can be quite lazy creatures. The easiest way to recieve a message, is the most comfortable, and thats the way we will choose every time we have a choice. Nothings more comfy than sitting back digesting pleasant moving pictures with sound and graphics, to receive important information.

It is an undeniable fact that ‘moving pictures move audiences’. Think of how you react to video, from Hollywood blockbusters to TV advertising, it grabs us and we just can’t look away. Whether it be an idea, an emotion, a process or logic, a well planned video can communicate this with strength and impact, while also elevating the brand in the consumers mind. However, the production process is important to make this work. Every video needs a ‘story’ and this ‘story’ must make sense, therefore a script is important to keep the message on target. Within the other Pre-production and production considerations there are a number of variables to manage to make sure you are maximising the shoot, whether you are putting together an internal staff training video for the companies various branches, a corporate profile video to go on the companies YouTube channel, or an advert to go on the companies website. The technology is now a lot more accessible as well, and example being Phone cameras being used to capture video of quality that goes globally viral, or captures the emotion and clarity needed to inspire viewers.

Keyline have shaped a Video Production course that addresses these considerations in a way thats condensed yet focused and thorough, for corporates and designers with video aspirations. It begins with an understanding of the thought process and equipment considerations, planning and camera techniques , and working with sound, then moves to the training on various software packages that are used to stitch, polish and cook the idea into something thats ‘ready for showtime’.

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