Digital Marketing

social media marketing course, graphic design course

Develop skills to effectively use digital marketing tools to maximise brand building opportunities, target new and existing customers, boost your leads and sales.

Graphic Design Essentials

keyline img 10013, Graphic Design Courses

This course will give learners a solid grounding on the fundamentals of graphic design, incorporating Illustrator, Photoshop, Repro & Print, Brand Development & Design Principles

Photography incorporating Lightroom

keyline img 1007, Graphic Design Courses

Explore camera settings and light composition to capture images with depth and emotion whilst using industry standard software to maximise the quality of your images

5 Day Video Production

video training

Learn to capture and edit high-performance videos to tell your story with maximum impact

Game Design Fundamentals

Corporate Training, graphic design courses

Gain skills to create digital games for different platforms, from computers to newly established platforms like mobile phones and other hand-held devices

3D Modelling Fundamentals

keyline img 10019, Graphic Design Courses

Learn to build 3D models representations of an object that allow designers to visualize and test the prototype

Brand Development

keyline img 1003, Graphic Design Courses

Gain skills to Design your corporate identity to differentiate your business and to create a lasting image on your existing and potential customers